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Access to wide-ranging building services, from repair and maintenance to remodeling and construction of brand-new buildings under the same roof, is highly beneficial for the building owners. Only some building contractors can offer some kind of building service. South Coast has a large suite of building services, making it a unique contractor. Apart from being a leading Siding Contractor Dartmouth MA it also offers specialized services for roofing, building additions, interior remodeling, and construction of new buildings from scratch. This company is registered, licensed, and insured in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. High-end workmanship and professional project management are the hallmarks of this company.

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Best Siding Solutions

South Coast is the best Siding Contractor Dartmouth MA choice due to its comprehensive siding services. The experts of this company carefully determine whether a given siding can be restored through repairs or need to be replaced. After that, the best solutions are implemented.

Sidings can suffer damage from flying projectiles during storms or develop water damage due to rain or snow over the years. Improper installation leads to noisy sidings. Other kinds of siding problems include loss of insulation, fading or peeling paint, termite damage, shrinkage, and pest infestation. Whatever may be the issue, the siding experts of South Coast carry out long-term repairs. 

South Coast also carries out siding replacements in the event of irreparable damages. As the case may be, sections or units of badly damaged sidings are replaced. Various categories of sidings, such as economic, mid-range, and high-end sidings, are offered to the customers. New sidings are also put up around old and new buildings.

Brand New Constructions

South Coast also specializes in carrying out brand-new building construction projects. It has links with local architects to draw up building plans, but the customers are free to provide their building plans as well. Detailed project specifications and other details are determined in consultation with the clients. A project proposal is created for the client, which can be approved or rejected. The construction process starts once the client finalizes the project proposal.

Expert construction workers efficiently carry out the process from laying the foundation and erecting the beams to installing the roof and connecting the utilities. The project is completed within a pre-determined timeline. The client is kept updated about the stage of the construction process reached at any time.

Depending upon the local permits, time taken to connect the utilities and other external factors, the new building is handed over after 6-12 months from the commencement date of the construction process.


South Coast is based in Westport and serves multiple areas within 30 minutes radius of this location, including Dartmouth. Apart from Southern Massachusetts, its service areas also include locations in Rhode Island.

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