Roofing Service Southeastern MA

When it comes to roofing service, you must choose the best contractor for the work. The roof is the most important component of the home, and you may incur a huge cost if it fails prematurely. Winds and rains can impact the roof in an extreme manner. Moreover, the roof may develop algae over time which you would need to clean every year. Most of your problems can be solved by hiring a good contractor and choosing a good material for the roofing services. If you are looking for Roofing Service Southeastern MA, you can go ahead with Southcoast Building LLC. They are known to be the best in the town. Find out more about the roofing services from Southcoast Building LLC.

Can I Choose the Color of the Roof?

When you opt for the services from Southcoast Building LLC, they recommend using Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration Series Shingles. When you opt for this roofing material, you get many options in color. They can match your landscape and the sidings in the best possible way. You can even get a different material of roofing like, for example, metal roofs, rubber roofs, or asphalt shingles, but the best one remains to be from Owens Corning.

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Why Does Southcoast Building LLC Prefer Owens Corning Shingles

There are many reasons Southcoast Building LLC recommends using Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Series Shingles. Find out more about them below –

  • SureNail Technology – These shingles come with a nailing line which gives additional durability and strength during the installation. The fabric nailing layers hold properly and offer outstanding gripping power. The SureNail technology is patented, and it offers you triple-layer protection.
  • Color Range – As mentioned already, the brand has a wide range of colors. The color accuracy is amazing, and you can get bold contrast look for your home. There are more than 16 color options available from the brand.
  • Algae Resistant protection – The brand assures you that the shingles won’t develop algae for 25 years. This is made possible through Algae Resistance protection from the brand. For this, a copper lining is blended through the lining, which resists algae growth and reduces the maintenance expense of the house.
  • Limited lifetime Warranty – The brand also offers a limited lifetime warranty, and you can get the installation through Southcoast Building LLC to claim the warranty. We also provide you with one year warranty on the labor.
  • High Wind Resistance – This material also comes with a wind resistance of up to 1300 MPH, saving you from damage expenses.

Area of Service

Southcoast Building LLC serves a large base of customers. The present scope of construction for Southcoast Building LLC is within Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. You can reach out to them and get more details about the services that you wish to have. Apart from the new construction, Southcoast Building LLC also offers roofing, softwash, and siding service to clients.

Contacting Southcoast Building LLC

We are sure you have the required information for roofing services in Southeastern MA. So, without waiting any further, reach out to Southcoast Building LLC. They can help you with a free quote for the required work. This is not all; Southcoast Building LLC will also help you choose the material and color and help you with all the warranty documents.

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