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There are multiple categories of building services, such as roofing, general repairs, remodeling or renovation, and new building construction. Whatever type of building service you may need, enlisting the services of a licensed, registered, and insured building company only is essential. Amateur contractors may charge less, but their quality of services leads to long-term problems that weigh heavy on your pockets.

South Coast is a premier building services provider in Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Apart from being the best Roofing Company Somerset MA, it is a specialist provider of many other building services, such as interior remodeling, siding services, new additions, and new building constructions.

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Full Coverage Roofing Services

Roofs can develop many undetected problems for years and gradually assume gigantic proportions, necessitating costly repairs. In order to avoid such a situation, building owners can schedule annual roof inspections offered by South Coast. South Coast deploys a team of roofing experts to thoroughly inspect the roof to detect both existing and potential problems. The inspection report details roof issues and suggests the best solutions. Whether it is water leakage, damaged flashing, broken shingles, or loss of ventilation, South Coast performs the best repair to restore the roof to the best possible condition. If the roof is heavily damaged or has too many problems, it is replaced with a brand-new one. Licensed roof installers are at the company’s disposal to flawlessly remove old roofs and install new ones. Overall, South Coast is the most suitable option for Roofing Company Somerset MA, because it manages the entire process from roof inspection to repairs or replacement.

Comprehensive New Building Construction Services

South Coast has the required permit and skilled workmen to build brand-new buildings. Building plans are either provided by the customers or created by the architects affiliated with this company in consultation with the customers. Building plans and detailed specifications of the proposed building are compiled as a project proposal. The project proposal is studied by the client, who can approve or reject it. Construction starts only after the project proposal is approved by the client.

A project timeline is determined before the construction starts. The workmen complete the construction process within the given timeline. The entire process, right from laying the foundation to installing the roof and connecting the utilities, is the responsibility of South Coast. The buildings are usually completed within 6-12 months.

Thus, South Coast provides comprehensive services for new constructions, from building plans to actual construction.


South Coast has a wide service area. Apart from Somerset, it operates in many other areas, such as Bristol, Middletown, Providence, Dartmouth, Carver, Norton, Newport, and more.

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